Wydarzenia związane z hodowlą Perłowy Raj*PL

Fly to us a new cat Barlitta – breeding and exhibition – Teddy Brits Barlitta*IT

Currently loving houses looking for two tomcat about the colors blue – white and cream – white . For more information, visit Litter A.

We are pleased to announce that today launched our new website . We hope that surfing it will be pleasant . We invite you to familiarize yourself with it and with our cats .

On 31.07.2016r . in our cattery they were born kittens from the litter ” B” . We have two beautiful kittens coat of blue and cream . More detailed information can be found on litter B.

On 18.05.2016r. our cattery welcomed the world’s first kittens from the litter “A”. Born five colored kittens. For more information we invite to bookmark litter A.

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