About us

A few words about our Cattery

British Cats are my love. However, before we started our adventure I had to seriously prepare myself for the task. I have been learning about them by talking to other breeders. I have been exploring the secrets of their breed by studying various books and reading information found on the Internet. The more I’ve read about them, the more I’ve been convinced that this breed is perfect for me.

And so our adventure began with a dreamy cat named Matylda. It won the inhabitants’ hearts to such an extent that we decided to show its beauty and fantastic character to other admirers of this breed.

Currently, our bunch got a little bigger. We try to look for good blood and base our breeding on quality bloodlines from all over Europe. Our goal is to breed healthy cats of the highest quality with the proper temperament.

As a cattery, we are constantly developing. We try to breed wisely and responsibly. In the nearest future we’d like to show our cats during pedigree cats exhibitions. Our cattery is registered at the Felinology Club in Cracow.

Magdalena Przybysz, doctor of veterinary, takes care of health and stamina of our clowder of cats with great devotion and passion.

Love and passion for those amazing quadrupeds started this amazing adventure. British Cats allowed me to find fulfilment.

Daily life with them is unconditional love, a wonderful hobby that requires lots of time and devotion. Our cats are the rightful members of our family and they accompany us every day with complete freedom of movement.

That is how the British cats cattery in Mrowla was founded.

If you are interested in or just slightly curious about information concerning the breed please contact us.


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