The kittens

A few words about the kittens from our Cattery

Constant contact with humans from the first day of life is our standard of raising kittens. This way, little kittens are very open and full of trust towards people. Kittens that leave our cattery are at least 3 months old and are fully self-reliant. They know how to use the cuvette and what to do with a scratching post.

They get:

  • A five-generation pedigree issued by the Polish Felinology Association that is acknowledged by all international felinology federation all over the world,
  • a health book with vaccinations and deworming to date,
  • toys and a blanket,
  • microchip with an entry to the database,
  • a starter kit for a new home.

We do our best to make sure that little ones are happy, playful kittens used to the company of children and the whole noisy bustle of a home. We don’t isolate our kittens or lock them in cages.

They are raised with us as an integral part of our family life. We sign a sale and purchase agreement with new owners of our kittens. We’d also like to sell kittens to catteries, however only to experienced and trustworthy breeders. For breeding and exhibition purposes we only use kittens that – in addition to being free of any defects – promise success in those fields.

The price of a British kitten for breeding purposes is set individually. Kittens for non-breeding purposes undergo castration/sterilization before moving to a new home and this condition is non-negotiable.

This procedure does not affect the cat’s health and development in a negative way.

Status of Kittens:

  • Available – the kitten is available and a reservation can be made.
  • Observation – someone is interested in this kitten, but the reservation is not binding and can change at any moment; you can contact us and ask about the kitten.
  • Reservation – a down payment has been made, the kitten has found a new loving home.
  • Unavailable – currently the kitten is not for sale. It stays in our cattery.

A down payment for a cat is irreclaimable if the buyer decides not to buy the cat or if the cat is not picked up at a designated date. In special cases the down payment is returned after verifying the information.

Everyone interested in kittens from our cattery please contact us by phone or via e-mail. We’d like to point out that we do not respond to anonymous or laconic e-mails that only contain questions about the price of a cat. Please get acquainted with the information provided above.

All interested in a kitten from our cattery , please contact us by e - mail or telephone . We also reserve the did not respond to anonymous or terse e - mails that contain only a question of the price of a kitten.

Please also carefully read the above information.

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